-- CSR & Sustainability

EXTERMINATORS has defined CSR as CSER- Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility and it has been divided into 4 categories such as IRA, NIA, ERA & PDA.

  • IRA :- Industry Related Activities
  • NIA :- Non Industrial Activities
  • ERA :- Environmental Related Activities
  • PDA :- People Development Activities


IRA :-

We have involved in many government and private institutes in relation to the IRA activities by forming the EXTERMINATORS DENGUE TASK FORCE which is also known has DENGUE BALAKAYA.. We have carried out IRA activities jointly with following institutes (STOP DENGUE).


  • Sri Lanka Railway Department
  • Kaduwela Local Council
  • Lions Club
  • Kandy Municipal Council
  • Kaduwela District Secretariat
  • Medical Officers Association
  • Colombo District Secretariat
  • ITN + Lakhanda
  • Many Schools + Religious Institutes
  • Hatton National Bank
  • National Construction Association of Sri Lanka



NIA :-

We have carried out NIA activities by donating computers for schools and maintain a ward for the “FORGETTON PEOPLE” at the Mulleriyawa Mental Hospital under the Exterminators “We Care- Back to the Community’ Program.


ERA :-

We have taken many steps under the Environmental Related activities since we believe its responsibility although its not a compliance.

ERA – Environmental Related Activities: – We have taken many initiatives under ERA activities since we believe it’s our responsibility and not compliance.

  • Agreement with HOLCIM to recycle the empty chemical cans
  • GREEN CONCEPTS- Carbon Footprint- Take BIG step -Take it with you
  • Adhering to the Chemical Leasing Factor
  • Environmental Protection License
  • ” Trees for LIFE”


PDA :-

People Development Activities: – ” People that Matters” We believe the most important CSER activity is PDA. We commenced a special program themed “EXTERMINATORS Extraordinary” At exterminators our main goal is to exceed employee expectations that will automatically exceed customer expectations.