The Exterminators Ltd. Sri Lanka’s premier pest control company was certified ISO 22000;2005 (Food Safety Management System). The extensive process began in 2017 as a proactive effort to meet the anticipating demand in the food safety industry in Sri Lanka.


Every segment of the food industry nowadays is required to have an effective, comprehensive, customised, integrated preventive pest management program in place and it is essential that food industry business works with a food safety certified pest management company. ISO 22000 standards require this, because pest control is considered to be a critical control point. Other standards, such as those accredited by GSFI, go further in their management and auditing requirements. Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka pest control is leased considered when it comes to food safety.


Pests, of course, should have no place in a facility that manufactures or serves food. Rats bite thousands of people each year and carry fever, salmonella, trichinosis, murine typhus, the plague, leptospirosis, and other disease causing pathogens. Cockroaches and flies, by walking through contaminated areas, the worst being sewage, can introduce e-coli, streptococcus, moulds, salmonella, yeasts, cholera, clostridia, and a host of other bacteria into food. “Achieving this certification status is an important moment for our company. In July the company introduced the PACCP 2000 – five force model in preventive pest management designed and developed by Exterminators to suit the tropical pest species, food safety standards, climate and the environment conditions in Sri Lanka. In August 2018 the company introduced the digital pest control technology for the first time in Sri Lanka. Today Exterminators is well prepared to take on the pest battle and provide an unmatchable pest management service second to none in the world,” stated Exterminators Founder/CEO Marlon Ferreira.


Exterminators ventured into the fierce but amazing pest control industry in 1998 with just one man with a spray gun and a motor bike, but with more force, drive and passion it has become Sri Lanka’s premier pest control company winning 47 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship and setting up benchmarks in the pest management industry in the emerging world and the SME sector. Exterminators is Asia’s first ‘Carbon Neutral’ and Sri Lanka’s first ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified pest control company and a member of the SPMA-Singapore, NPMA-USA and the British Pest Control Association. (www.pestcontrol.lk).