THE EXTERMINATORS (PVT) LTD distribute a wide range fly insect control brands and products manufactured by globally recognized companies in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia & the European Union.

Offering a comprehensive range of flying insect control product, from electric killing grid fly killers to glue board devices, flyscreen’s to decorative units, Insect-O-Cuter provides leading insect prevention and control for a wide range of applications.




Stylish and contemporary, the Insect-O-CutorAura™ decorative flykiller is an ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications. Ideal for use within cafes, restaurants ,bars and hotels, the Aura offers an elegant, modern aesthetic alongside innovative, easy-to-service features and maximum efficacy. The unique circular registered design of the unit allows light to attract flying insects from a full 360°around the unit, attracted by the patented Synergetic® green light, whilst the design of the discreetly positioned glueboard gives a 100% useful glue area which remains hidden from customer view.


  • Contemporary detailing and elegant clean lines
  • Beautifully polished façade
  • Slim design ensures that the unit is unobtrusive
  • Ultra discreet fly catching glue board hidden from view
  • 100% useful glue board area ensures maximum efficacy
  • Ensures compliance with food hygiene legislation and protects clientele from flying pests
  • Dual wavelength Synergetic® technology for an increased catch
  • Easy tool free access and efficient servicing
  • Quick and simple IEC mains socket, or discreet hard wiring option
  • Robust stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate construction
  • Tubes: 1 x TGX22
  • Glueboard: 1 x INL198
  • Suggested area coverage: 40m²




A bold addition to the popular Insect-O-Cutor Halo range, the brand new Halo Shades series is an easy way to brighten up commercial and front of house areas! Available in a wide range of colours, from invigorating blues to calming coppers, there’s sure to be a shade to suit your customers.


  • Tubes: 2 x TPX15-18
  • Glueboard: 1 x GB012
  • Suggested area coverage: 80m²




Developed as a contemporary and discreet solution for insect control, Satalite™ is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other front of house applications. Satalite™ is proven to be more effective than standard decorative flykillers and incorporates patented technology which ensures all of the glueboard is fully utilised. The glueboard is positioned equidistantly from the tube ensuring there are no areas of glue too far from the tube to be effective. 

Available as an 18 or 30W unit, Satalite™ can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.


  • Stylish, effective and ideal for front of house applications
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Patented glueboard positioning proven to be more effective at catching flies
  • High efficacy UV tubes
  • Designed for use wi th GLUPAC® pheromone impregnated glueboards with UV stabilizer
  • Robust all metal construction
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and relevant European standards
  • Tubes: 1 x TPX18
  • Glueboard: 1 x INL147
  • Suggested area coverage: 30m²


A compact and discreet solution, Luralite® Cento is ideal for front of house areas, including bars, cafes and restaurants.

Ideal for front of house applications
• Simple glueboard and tube replacement
• High efficacy UV tubes
• Designed for use with Glucpac® glueboards with UV stabilizer
• Robust Construction
• Independently tested and certified to RoHS and relevant European standards
• Tubes: 1 x TPX18
• Glueboard: 1 x INL118
• Suggested area coverage: 25m²




The second generation PlusZap™ range offers a contemporary aesthetic combined with high specification features, creating a stylish killing grid range ideal for commercial environments. The PlusZap™ range is available in a range of white, stainless steel or aluminium finish with a choice of 16W or 30W models.


  • Modern detailing makes the unit ideal for customer-facing areas
  • Staggered tubes create efficient light output, whilst the innovative offset killing grid creates a large, effective catch area with easier servicing
  • Mains interlocked catch tray is simple to remove for quick and safe maintenance, with anti-blow out folds
  • Tool free tube removal for a quick and simple service
  • Flexible mounting options for wall, desk or ceiling suspension
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards
  • Tubes: 2 x TVX15-18
  • Suggested area coverage: 30-40-60 & 80m²





Designed around the UV LED source, Infiniti® delivers game changing unique flykiller technology to the professional flying insect control market. Infiniti® differentiates itself from other glueboard flykillers by utilising a unique patented* glueboard and patented* UV source to deliver superb efficacy. Fly catch trials have shown that Infiniti® offers comparable catch results to a traditional 45W UV flykiller which uses fluorescent lamps whilst offering 67% savings in energy running costs! 

Infiniti® is the ultimate choice for a wide range of commercial applications, with additional benefits including the ultra slim profile and bottom loading glueboard which make the unit perfect for areas lacking in wall space. The low energy consumption of the unit benefits the environment by reducing emissions and pollution caused by energy generation. 

With a stylish and contemporary aesthetic, Infiniti® incorporates features that make servicing and installation quick and easy. The brushed aluminium plated front guard has magnetic closures integrated into the unit, allowing tool free access. A specially designed Glupac® glueboard slides in from the bottom of the unit, and sits directly in front of the UV LEDs, improving accessibility and allowing for a slimmer profile flykiller.

The unique position of the UV LED strips behind the glueboard* helps to increase the capture rate by reducing the common problem of flying insects flying around the UV source without getting caught. The distinctive LED strips* also have an effective UV output life of 3 years, which reduces servicing time and inventory management. Infiniti® has been specially engineered with curved glueboard runners within the unit to provide rigidity to the glueboard, preventing it from bowing and maximising the efficacy of the glueboard.

  • Glueboard access from the bottom for quick and easy servicing 
  • Low energy running costs 
  • Compact model for discretion and space restricted installations 
  • Quick tool free access gives simple access to consumables for easy maintenance 
  • High efficacy UV LED strips provide a 3 year effective life 
  • Designed for use with Glupac® glueboards with UV stabiliser 
  • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards





PVC strips incorporate UV stabilisers and are made from a high European grade PVC material. The UV stabiliser delays the PVC from turning opaque. A high impact, fire safe product that is particularly robust in areas of heavy traffic. With a working temperature range of -15°C to 50 °C, the PVC can be used in all areas. In addition to all this the PVC is certified DOP and DEHP free according to reach regulations. 

We offer: 

• Surveying and fitting across the whole of the UK 
• 40 years of surveying, manufacturing and installation expertise 
• Dedicated fly screen customer service team and field experts on hand to advise 
• Bespoke and complex jobs undertaken 
• Available in perforated, heavy duty ribbed, coloured and polar grade. Varying thickness also available 
• Our PVC provided unbeatable energy saving performance 
• Available as supply only or supply and fit 
• Steel fixings for heavy duty curtains 




Glupac® glueboards are designed to perfectly complement your Insect-O-Cutor glueboard or decorative flykiller, offering consistently high standards of performance and quick servicing times.