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EXTERMINATORS provides innovative high quality environmental enhancement and pest management products from England, Australia, Portugal, Germany, South Korea & USA


INSECT-O-CUTOR is the world’s leading flying insect control solutions provider and has remained at the forefront of technical and design innovation since the brand was founded in 1962. Offering a comprehensive range of flying insect control products, from electric grid fly-killers to glue-board devices, fly-screens to decorative units, Insect-O-Cutor provides leading insect prevention and control for a wide range of applications.



Leading brands – PELSIS reputation is built on leading brand heritage, developed with extensive knowledge of our markets and supported by experts in each field. Many of the brands are over 20 years old, built on a reputation of high quality products and support services.

Leading products – Customer insight is at the heart of PELSIS product innovation programme, allowing PELSIS to develop world class products designed with serviceability, design and quality in mind.




Effective, Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance Free

Rid your outdoor living areas of flying insect pests – without harming the environment! Insect remains, uncontaminated by pesticides, fall to the ground to be naturally reabsorbed into the ecosystem. Maintenance free operation features UV light and an electrified grid that eliminates thousands of flying pests for just pennies a day.

The decorative lantern even doubles as security lighting !

Made in USA – Coverage up to ½ acre available in Sri Lanka



Interceptor® is a unique, high-performance mosquito net which demonstrates a fusion of BASF’s expertise in textile development and insect control. A polymer binder system is combined with Fendona® insecticide and applied directly to the fibers of the nets in a unique treatment process.

Fendona, based on the active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, is slowly released and rapidly knocks down, kills or repels mosquitoes as they come into contact with the net. This controlled release of the insecticide ensures long-term effectiveness and the net delivers its protection even after 20 washes. The system also ensures the nets are odorless, soft to the touch and pleasant to sleep under.