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TORNADO Advance Outdoor Mosquito KILLER

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  • 1 Acre coverage, Non Chemical
  • Economical, Maintenance Free
  • Easy to use, Weather proof
  • 40 watts ultra light
  • Made in USA
  • One year guarantee


INTERCEPTOR – Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets

EXTERMINATORS is the exclusive distributor for the INTERCEPTOR Interceptor® is a unique, high-performance mosquito net which demonstrates a fusion of BASF’s expertise in textile development and insect control. A polymer binder system is combined with Fendona® insecticide and applied directly to the fibers of the nets in a unique treatment process.
Fendona, based on the active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, is slowly released and rapidly knocks down, kills or repels mosquitoes as they come into contact with the net. This controlled release of the insecticide ensures long-term effectiveness and the net delivers its protection even after 20 washes. The system also ensures the nets are odorless, soft to the touch and pleasant to sleep under.

Extamintors Care

  • 100% knockdown at one-hour post exposure – even after the net has been washed 20 times.
  • The Interceptor net literally intercepts mosquitoes as they come into contact with the net, thereby preventing them from biting or sucking blood from hosts, and therefore malaria cannot be transmitted.
  • Remains effective even after 20 washes.
  • Odorless and invisible
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly
  • Because the net is long-lasting, it is highly cost-effective as well as being user-friendly. No dipping. No re-treatment. No mess. No fuss.





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