THE EXTERMINATORS (PVT) LTD distribute a wide range mosquito control brands and products manufactured by globally recognized companies in the United Kingdom, United States.


Stylish and contemporary, the Insect-O-CutorAura™ decorative flykiller is an ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications. Ideal for use within cafes, restaurants ,bars and hotels, the Aura offers an elegant, modern aesthetic alongside innovative, easy-to-service features and maximum efficacy. The unique circular registered design of the unit allows light to attract flying insects from a full 360°around the unit, attracted by the patented Synergetic® green light, whilst the design of the discreetly positioned glueboard gives a 100% useful glue area which remains hidden from customer view.



Developed as a contemporary and discreet solution for insect control, Satalite™ is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other front of house applications. Satalite™ is proven to be more effective than standard decorative flykillers and incorporates patented technology which ensures all of the glueboard is fully utilised. The glueboard is positioned equidistantly from the tube ensuring there are no areas of glue too far from the tube to be effective.



A compact and discreet solution, Luralite® Cento is ideal for front of house areas, including bars, cafes and restaurants.

Ideal for front of house applications
• Simple glueboard and tube replacement
• High efficacy UV tubes
• Designed for use with Glucpac® glueboards with UV stabilizer
• Robust Construction
• Independently tested and certified to RoHS and relevant European standards
• Tubes: 1 x TPX18
• Glueboard: 1 x INL118
• Suggested area coverage: 25m²




Attracts and Kills Mosquitoes & other flying insects 

Recommended for areas up to 1/2 acre – Outdoor Use Only

Effective, Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance Free

Rid your outdoor living areas of flying insect pests – without harming the environment! Insect remains, uncontaminated by pesticides, fall to the ground to be naturally reabsorbed into the ecosystem. Maintenance free operation features UV light and an electrified grid that eliminates thousands of flying pests for just pennies a day. The decorative lantern even doubles as security lighting! Add optional Octenol attractant for improved effectiveness.



Attracts and Kills Mosquitoes and Other Insect Pests Indoors or Outdoors

Recommended for outdoor areas up to ¾ acre

Effective, Easy, Affordable

Make outdoor living a pleasure again! Relax on your patio or deck without the irritation – and danger – posed by mosquitoes and other biting insects. The Flowtron Indoor/Outdoor Insect Killer features multiple attractants, powerful vacuum action and easy insect disposal

  • NO propane gas required
  • NO costly nets to replace
  • Operates for pennies a day



Attracts and Kills Mosquitoes and Biting Flies

Recommended for areas up to 1 acre

Effective, Economical, Safe and Clean 

Enjoy the outdoors all year round! Eliminate potentially dangerous mosquitoes and annoying biting flies from your patio, deck, yard, tennis court, ball field, waterfront, boat dock – any area up to an acre.  Flowtron’s Power Trap is so effective and safe, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to operate and maintain. Features include exclusive “set and forget” operation, special LED motion lighting, powerful vacuum action and patented non-clogging system.

Unlike other brands, the Flowtron Power-Trap has

  • NO open flame
  • NO nets to replace
  • NO glue panels to handle



A powder coated, heavy duty, aluminum framed door . The PVC coated fiberglass mesh, together with the aluminum amplimesh, gives strength and protection. Push and kick plates fitted to the middle and base of the door add to durability and save money in the long term due to a longer life span.

  • All metal frames for strength and stability
  • PVC coated fiberglass mesh is strong, durable and fire retardant
  • Stainless steel mesh available where required
  • Designed with clean lines to ensure minimum entrapment of dirt
  • Provides compliance with Food Safety regulations