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EXTERMINATORS is the distributor for UK based P+L SYSTEMS Washroom products. P+L Systems is Europe’s leading supplier of fragrances and dispensers with over 25 years experience of developing products for commercial washroom use.

P+L SYSTEMS offer of fragrances ranges from fruity scents to light florals, rich coffee to fresh baby powder, complemented by a range of dispensers, allowing you select the perfect fragrance and dispensing option for each individual application. In addition, P+L Systems Washroom also offer a wide range of products for all areas of the commercial washroom, including hand dryers, feminine hygiene bins, soap dispensers, and urinal fragrance + water saving systems.

Washroom Hand dryers Soap Dispenser Sanibins Sanitizers Aircare- Dispenser Aircare Fragrances Air Purification Energy + Water Saving.



A comprehensive range of hand dryers in a variety of contemporary finishes. The range includes compact, low energy and ultra fast dryers ideal for high traffic washroom areas.


Combining high speed hand drying with efficient low power draw, Fastthese powerful dryers offer energy-conscious users an ideal ‘eco-dry’ solution. Perfect for high traffic washrooms, this range offers a speedy hand drying time,
as well as a robust yet stylish brushed stainless steel cover, making them a stunning addition to contemporary washrooms.
Hand dryer, 1600w, brushed stainless steelHand dryer, 1000w, brushed stainless steel



A range of MId rangehigh power 2300W and 2400W automatic hand dryers available in a choice of classic white or contemporary brushed stainless steel finishes, ideal for high traffic areas.
Hand dryer, 2400w, brushed stainess steelHand dryer, 2400w, whiteHand dryer, 2300w, brushed stainless steelHand dryer, 2300w, white



value RangeAvailable in white plastic, brushed stainless steel and white metal finishes, this range of high quality, reliable automatic hand dryers offers great value for money.
Hand dryer, 2100w, brushed stainless steelHand dryer, 2100w, whiteHand dryer, 2100w, plastic




A complete range of soap dispensers offering a choice of finishes, from robust stainless steel to easy-clean plastic, along with a choice of either manual or automatic operation, ideal for washrooms, kitchens and anywhere where hand hygiene is a priority.



An attractive, contemporary design, the Automatic soap dispenser from P+L Systems Washroom is an easy to service, battery operated dispenser which ensures a consistent soap output.


A range of robust manual soap dispensers, ideal for high traffic environments. Available in a choice of white plastic or tough brushed stainless steel, each offers a number of easy to service features as well as a choice of sizes.

Classic soap dispenser Brushed metal soap dispenser (750ml)Brushed metal soap dispenser (500ml)



A stylish range of contemporary feminine hygiene bins, available in clean white or discreet grey finishes and incorporating anti-vandal, easy clean features in a range of sizes to suit your servicing contract and washroom size.



A range of high capacity easy to service feminine hygiene bins, available in front or side opening models. The choice of classic and contemporary designs are available in clean white or discreet grey. Match your sanibin choice with our range of complimenting consumables to create the perfect feminine hygiene service offer.



15 litersA compact feminine hygiene solution, the range of classic 15 litre front opening sanibins are available in clean white or discreet grey. Combine 15 litre sanibins with our range of complimenting feminine hygiene consumables to offer your customers a full sanibin service offer.





The ideal addition to your feminine hygiene service offer, a choice of sanibin lining bags and easy Sanibin Consumableto dispense freshening granules help keep washrooms clean and fresh and make service visits quick and easy. Combine these with our paper disposal bags and wall mounted dispenser to offer your customers leading service solutions.



Our complete urinal solutions include fragrance dispensing systems and urinal sleeve kits to ensure that foul odours can be tackled at source, killing bacterial growth within urinal pipes. As well as chemical and biological solutions, the range includes a number of water saving technologies, saving your client water and money.


Virtual JanitorEasy to install, the Virtual Janitor system attacks foul odors at source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria growth within urinal pipes. The built in metered fragrance is dispensed to ensure that washrooms are continually fragranced. The choice of chrome and white units fit perfectly with a 30 or 60 day service cycle.



Virtual Janitor Consumable

Available in a choice of thre fresh smelling refills, to ensure that your urinals stay fresh and clean at all times. Choose from Apple Mint, Mango or French Kiss, to ensure that germs and bacteria are kept at bay.



Timed Urinal ControllerAvailable as either a battery or mains controlled unit, this easy to fit device is best used in conjunction with our chemical or biological urinal sleeve range, delivering economical water savings as well as reducing blockages in urinal pipes and associated call outs.



Chemical Urinal SleevesChemical sleeves can be used with any cleaning agents, making them an easy add-on to washroom servicing, whilst ensuring that urinals stay fresh smelling and pipes remain clear of blockages. The significant water savings that this product can offer when combined with the timed urinal controller, alongside the strong citrus fragrance have made this a firm favorite with customers.



Biological urinna; SleevesAn ideal choice for environmentally conscious environments, biological sleeves deliver significant water savings when used in combination with the timed urinal controller. Powerful enzymes work to keep urinal pipes clear whilst delivering a fresh, clean scent to the washroom.



A choice of high quality, stylish dispensers offer many features including standard timed options, full programmability and compact sizes along with a 5 year product guarantee, allowing you to offer a tailored fragrance solution to meet your customers’ needs.



LCD DispensersAllowing flexible fragrancing, LCD dispensers give complete control, delivering a customized solution for all applications. Easy to program, the LCD range allows fragrances to be dispensed on selected days of the week, and at selected time periods, matching your customers needs exactly and maximizing the life of fragrances.



LED DispensersIdeal for high traffic areas, LED dispensers offer quick to install fragrance dispensing solutions with pre-programmed, easy to select settings of 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes. Available in chrome or white, the classic design is perfect for contemporary and classic washrooms alike.



The perfect solution for washrooms where space is an issue or where absolute discretion is required, the Micro dispenser offers a fully programmable fragrance dispensing solution, meeting the specific needs of each washroom.



P+L Systems Washroom have developed a beautifully designed range of fragrances to offer our customers a range of fragrancing solutions to suit all applications, from the distinctive premium oils used in the Precious and Concept ranges which create rich, evolving scents, to the evocative Classic and powerful Fruits + Flavours ranges.



PreciousThe Precious range of fragrances has been developed to offer a range of luxurious environment enhancers. Each fragrance is rich and distinct, and evolves throughout the day offering a carefully selected blend of aromas to capture the senses. Using a high percentage of essential oils, the Precious range is designed to offer both sophistication and intensity. Working closely with key fragrance partners, P+L Systems Washroom has used its extensive knowledge of fragrance development to provide this unique range of premium fragrances.

Precious Ruby, Precious Sapphire, Precious Amethyst, Precious Amber, Precious Emerald, 270ml


ConceptMade up of five luxurious fragrances, the Concept range offers beautifully layered, balanced fragrances, using high quality oils to create sumptuous scents for your washroom and front-of house areas which continue to develop throughout the day.

Concept Refreshing, Concept Relaxing, Concept Revitalizing, Concept Bliss, Concept Finesse, 270ml



Fruits FlavoursThe P+L Systems Washroom Fruits + Flavours fragrance range provides contemporary fragrancing for the cost sensitive customer and is ideal for use within washrooms or other problem areas. The Fruits + Flavours range incorporates high quality P+L Systems Washroom oils to deliver reliable and effective fragrancing.

Fruits + Flavours Mango, Fruits + Flavours Vanilla, Fruits + Flavours Citrus, lFruits + Flavours Cinnamon, 270 ml



Ideal for a wide range of applications, air purification products utilize ceramic plate technology to neutralize unpleasant odours, breaking down bacteria.



MIcrozoneDesigned to effectively eliminate mal-odors, the Microzone uses ceramic plate technology to produce consistent ozone output, destroying bacteria and unpleasant washroom scents. This compact and discreet unit purifies air to create beautifully fresh washrooms.



Conscious of the contemporary user, P+L Systems Washroom offer a range of products designed to deliver water and energy efficiencies, reducing resource consumption and offering considerable financial savings.


Enrgy savingDelivering significant energy savings, our range of low energy usage hand dryers combine fast drying time and low energy consumption that is sure to delight both facility managers and end users alike.

Hand dryer, 1000w, brushed stainless steelHand dryer, 1600w, brushed stainless steel



water savingPart of a wider range of water saving technology offered by our Dart Valley Systems brand, our range of timed urinal controls and urinal sleeves offer significant water savings. For further information about water savings elsewhere in your washrooms.