Every year Exterminators carry-out a special beach clean-up program, the inaugural program was carried out 21 st Oct 2017 at the Panadura Beach and the second program was carried on 20 th Oct 2018 at the Bentota Beach. The entire team at Exterminators from all branches in Sri Lanka participated in the program. Life on earth depends on a very complex set of interactions between different life forms.Examination of the extent to which humans disrupt this arrangement is a relatively recent concern but one that is rapidly growing. The direct and indirect effects of pesticides on wildlife, waterways and the environment at large may be harmful and are entirely undesirable. We take extra care to minimize the risk to non-target insects & the

As a leader in the industry, we believe that we have a moral obligation to respond to this new paradigm—to adopt a business model of increased accountability and to set-up environmental leadership in our industry and entire SME sector in Asia and the World.