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Exterminators ventured into the fierce but amazing pest control industry in 1998 with just one man with a spray gun and motor bike but with more force, drive and passion it has become Sri Lanka’s premier pest control company winning 50 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability and is setting up a benchmark in the pest management industry in the emerging world and the SME sector in Sri Lanka.

Over the last two decades we have creatively destructed the environment via constant innovation to find smarter ways to manage and raise standards within the pest management industry in Sri Lanka and the region.

If we did the same thing we did last week, last month or last year and we were satisfied with the status quo, we would have not reached our goals to be where we are today. Exterminators has always been driven by change; we have taken extra efforts to provide our trusted clients, environmentally centric smart and advanced pest solutions in Sri Lanka.

Professional :We are competent, skilled and efficient
Caring :We are helpful, tactful and sensitive to your need
Optimism :We are confident that we can solve your pest problem

“Our vision is to be the champion in what we do”



Exterminators is a 7 time champion SME brand in Sri Lanka and the winner of 50 awards for brand, business, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship and environmental leadership.

National Business Excellence Awards (NCCSL) 12 Awards
Sri Lankan Entrepreneur Awards (FCCISL) 12 Awards
Construction Awards (NCASL) 9 Awards
Achiever Industrial Excellence Awards (CNCI) 7 Awards
SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 7 Awards
Green Apple Award (Green Organization USA) 1 Awards
Green World Ambassador Award (UK) 1 Awards
Edie Sustainability Leadership Award 2019 (UK) Finalist

Since 1998, Exterminators has been providing services to keep pests away using latest science technologies and the best trained professionals in the industry. Today, Exterminators is trusted by more business and home owners in Sri Lanka than any other pest control service provider. You can be confident Exterminators will provide a high-quality and consistent service.

Pest Control is more about than a man with spray gun, Exterminators has treated thousands of homes and buildings in Sri Lanka to control pests, testing new technologies and investing in extensive research and development. The value of experience is expressed in our commitment to training. Exterminator’s personnel are trained and re-trained and only then authorized to perform our services. Exterminators team has undergone intensive training in all aspects of pest management in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Australia, England, European Union and the United States.

Dear Employees, Customers and Suppliers.

Since the industrial revolution, the damage that human-kind has done to the environment is devastating. The threat that this un-changeable damage poses on future generations cannot be ignored anymore. Environmental accountability is becoming the rule and not the exception in today’s business world
Businesses today are expected to be less harmful, more transparent, and to actively participate in making positive changes to improve the environment. As a leader in the pest management industry and the SME sector in Sri Lanka, we believe that we have a moral obligation to respond to this new paradigm—to adopt a business model of increased accountability


On a deeply personal level and as people with great respect for the environment, we believe it is our moral obligation to improve ‘Exterminators Sustainability Practices’, to do our part to protect the earth.

We are humble to say that; we have set-up benchmark to the entire SME sector in Asia by providing 100% ‘Carbon Neutral’ pest control services for five consecutive years since 2014 by off-setting it annually through the UK based CCC Company. We have off-set 293 tons of ‘Carbon Emissions’ despite the rapid business success growth.

Our Philosophy is to ‘care about people’ and to ‘care about the planet’ and to do the right thing, the right way, at the right time utilizing the right resources to help make communities in the emerging world more livable, safe and comfortable by researching and identifying the real needs of regional communities and delivering environmentally sustainable pest management, food safety, healthcare products and solutions.

Marlon Ferreira – Entrepreneur

Exterminators brand story is a surprising one; what started out two decades ago as a simple service to combat pests emerged into a vision to be the number one leader in pest control in the country, a vision that Entrepreneur of Exterminators (Pvt.) Ltd., Marlon Ferreira has seen come full circle.

Pest management qualifications

Diploma in Pest Control BPCA/RSPH United Kingdom
Diploma in Fumigation BPCA United Kingdom
Accredited Fumigator AQIS Australia
Food plant pest management AIB United States

Professional qualifications

MBA- Management Australian Institute of Business– Australia
MABE Association of Business Executives UK
Strategic Marketing Management National University of Singapore