Since the industrial revolution, the damage that human-kind has done to the environment is devastating. The threat that this un-changeable damage poses on future generations cannot be ignored anymore. Environmental accountability is becoming the rule and not the exception in the business world. Businesses today are expected to be less harmful, more transparent and to actively participate in making positive changes to improve the environment.

As a leader in the industry, we believe that we have an obligation to respond to this new paradigm—to adopt a business model of increased accountability. On a deeply personal level, and as people with great respect for the environment, we believe it is our moral obligation to improve Exterminators’ sustainability practices, to do our part to protect the earth and the people.

Over the last two decades we have creatively destructed the environment via constant innovation to find smarter ways to manage and raise standards within the pest management industry in Sri Lanka and the region.

  • 1. Caring for people
  • 2. Caring for the planet

Begins with guiding and helping our own people at ‘Exterminators’ and their families to move onto the next step in life and to be happy, healthy and financially stable.

We also strive to make communities in Sri Lanka more livable, safe and comfortable. We do this by researching and identifying the real needs of our communities and delivering the most appropriate program that is aligned with our strategy and aim in protecting at least ‘one human life a year and provide sustainable livelihood to our communities in which ever way we can.

Exterminators initiated its stop dengue program in 2008 as a key CSR project to educate the general public about the deadly dengue epidemic. Since then, the company has given back almost over LKR 5 million to the community by donating equipment to combat dengue to local city councils, printing and distributing dengue awareness material such as billboards, posters, brochures, dengue emergency pocket guides and also carried out awareness programs for institutes, schools etc. Awareness was created via exhibitions and social media.

However, the company believes that the country needs an integrated approach to combat the dengue epidemic in a more organized and structured manner. The company has designed the ‘Integrated Dengue Management Plan’ and willing to share it with any government or private institution and NGO’s on a joint mission to protect all Sri Lankans from Dengue.

Joint ‘Stop Dengue’ programs with the following institutes (27 programs since 2008)

1. Kaduwela Municipal Council

2. Kandy Municipal Council

3. Kottikawatta Municipal Council

4. Wattala Urban Council

5. Sri Lanka Medical Officers’ Association

6. Sri Lanka Army

7. Sri Lanka Police

8. Sri Lanka Railway Department

9. Colombo District Secretariat

10. St. Joseph’s Girls School, Colombo 14

11. Lions Club

12. National Construction Association of Sri Lanka

13. ITN & Lakhanda

14. Death to Dengue Campaign

15. Hatton National Bank


Asia’s 1st only ‘Carbon Neutral’ pest control service provider since 2014.
South Asia’s 1st ISO 14001;2004 Environmental Management system certified pest control company since 2009.

Reduced the organization’s carbon emissions by 36% in 2016.

Sri Lanka’s 1st pest control company to receive the EPI – Environmental Protection License in 2009 (as of the date it’s not a compliance).

Invented the World’s 1st & only ‘Carbon Neutral’ termite station in 2010.

Green Guard: 1st to the World invention to mitigate the risk of water contamination and minimizes the effect on non-target species.
Water treatment plants in place since 2011- built according to the specification of the ‘Registrar of Pesticides & the CEA of Sri Lanka.

Zero waste program – Empty chemical cans – Recycling by an organization approved by the ‘Central Environmental Authority in Sri Lanka and the E-waste program.

Beach Clean-up program – On 21st October 2017 at the Panadura Beach & 3rd of November 2018 at Bentota Beach. The entire team at Exterminators from all branches in Sri Lanka participated in a special program to clean-up the beach in Panadura.

Rainforest in the city – Exterminators initiated a program to donate trees to all contract customers and new customers with effect from 1st July 2017 under the theme ‘Rainforest in the City’. On request, trees will be provided absolutely free to schools, differently-abled, elders and children’s homes. The company donated trees to underprivileged schools in Colombo on 19th October 2017.

Stop Killing Bees – This program was launched on 5th June 2013 to create awareness about the importance of bees for the survival of mankind and the planet. On 5th June 2013, on World Environment Day ‘Exterminators’ permanently stopped bee control activities in Sri Lanka and took a further step by initiating and creating ‘Stop Killing Bees’ FB page to create awareness on the role that bees play in the pollination process and human survival.

Green Steps – We, at Exterminators make sure that we always walk the talk. The ‘Green Steps – 3 P’s to protect the planet is a concept designed by ‘Exterminators’ to do our part to protect the planet. The ‘3Ps’ (1). Print less (2). Pull the plug (3). Pick the waste

Stop fogging – Exterminators took the initiative in May 2017 to permanently stop indoor/outdoor fogging against mosquitoes and all kinds of pests.