2019-March Green World Ambassador for 2019, nominated by the UK based Green Organization.
2019-Feb Nominated to represent Sri Lanka at the Green World Awards 2019.
2019-Jan Finalist at International EDIE Sustainability Leadership Awards 2019
2018–Nov THE EXTERMINATORS (PVT) LTD., won an Environmental Leadership Award in the international campaign to find the greenest individuals, companies, councils and communities around the world.
Exterminators competed against more than 800 other nominations in the Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice with their project, Carbon Neutral Pest Control.
The award was presented at a glittering presentation ceremony hosted by Liz Kendall MP at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London on November 12th, 2018.
2018-Oct Won international awards for sustainability for carbon reduction from the Green Organization and World Green Ambassador for environmental leadership and shortlisted has finalist for Global Sustainability Leadership Awards by UK based Edie Sustainability Organization.
2018-Sep Exterminators certified ISO 22000 food safety from the Sri Lanka Institute of Standards (SLSI) and
2018-Aug Introduced the Digital Pest Management technology first time in Sri Lanka and most probably in Asia too include advanced mobile app
2018-July Certified for the fifth consecutive year has Asia’s only ‘Carbon Neutral’ credited pest control company by UK based Carbon Consulting Company and upgraded to ISO 14001;2015 Environmental Management System from SLSI.
2018-June Pest Analysis Critical Control Points (PACCP Model) evolves to enhance pest management standards and to align with health and safety, food safety and to significantly mitigate the environmental impact related to pest management and identify the risk related pest management well in advance and to also mitigate the pest risk. Invented by Exterminators
2018-April Celebrating 20 years in pest control and 10 years being certified under ISO 9001 quality management system and invented first to the world invention ‘Subway’ on-ground termite bait station.
2017 Incorporated Exterminators U.K. Limited in UK and completely stopped fogging activities as it creates a significant negative impact to the environment. The first pest control company in Sri Lanka to be certified under the new ISO 9001;2008 quality management system.

Reduced Carbon Emissions by 20% in 2017 over the previous year.

2016 Shifted its corporate office to Colombo-05 and displayed the products made in Sri Lanka at ‘Pest World East’ Goa and Invented ‘Hello Termites’, the simple termite monitoring station for early termite detection.
Champion SME brand for the 7th time in Sri Lanka and won 6 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
2015 Smart Missile – the world’s first termite station and pest control product to be ‘Carbon Neutral’ certified and re-invented the ‘Smart Guard’ termiticide replenishment system. Today it’s the most advanced termiticide replenishment system in World.
Invented ‘Green Guard’ 1st to the world invention to protect the termiticide barrier and mitigate ground water contamination due to the application of termiticide and mitigate the effect on non-target species and the environment (Patent # 18157). Invented the ‘Satalite’, an above-ground termite station.
Incorporated sister company Exterminators INTL (Pvt) Ltd and displayed products made in Sri Lanka and invented by the company at ‘PestWorld East’ Dubai and ‘Hotel Show’ Maldives and exported the products for the first time to Maldives.
Champion SME brand for the 6th time in Sri Lanka and won 7 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
Reduced Carbon Emissions by 36% in 2015 over the previous year.
2014 Certified as Asia’s 1st ‘Carbon Neutral’ certified pest control company to provide 100% carbon neutral services. Designed and developed ‘PestMac’ pest management software and released ‘PestMac’ i1 – pest control app. The company is one of the few companies in world to have a pest control app during that period.
Champion SME brand for the 5th time Sri Lanka and won 8 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
2013 Permanently stopped controlling bees due to the dramatic negative impact to the environment and the pollination process and created a Facebook page on 5th June 2013 to create awareness to protect bees that are critically important for the survival of humankind and the planet.
Champion SME brand for the 4th time Sri Lanka and won 7 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
2012 Champion SME brand for the 3rd time in Sri Lanka and won 6 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
2011 Designed and invented the ‘Smart Guard’ termiticide replenishment system and developed ‘Termite Tech’ minimum standards to control termites in Sri Lanka. Introduced Australian invented ‘Termatrac’ termite detection system for the first time in Sri Lanka and is one of the first few companies in Sri Lanka to receive a new pest control service license from the Registrar of Pesticides and represented Sri Lanka at the PestWorld 2011 in New Orleans, USA.
Champion SME brand for the 2nd time in Sri Lanka and won 5 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
2010 Sri Lanka’s 1st pest control company to be certified under OHSAS 18001;2007 Occupational health and safety standards. Developed and invented the ‘Smart Missile’ organic termite station and which is the 1st termite station manufactured in Asia excluding Japan and also ventured into a strategic partnership with UK based Pelsis Group.
Champion SME brand fin Sri Lanka and won 6 awards for business, brand, industrial excellence and entrepreneurship.
Probably Sri Lanka’s 1st company in the service sector to be certified under three ISO standards. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.
2009 Sri Lanka’s 1st pest control company to be certified under ISO 14001;2004 Environmental Management System from SLSI and 1st to receive the Environmental Protection License from the CEA. Exterminators wins 2 awards for entrepreneurship and business excellence and also introduced termite baiting technology for the first time in Sri Lanka (Australian product).
Permanently stopped fumigation activities due to the significant environmental impact of fumigant ‘Methyl Bromide’ to the ozone layer and the planet.
Methyl bromide damages the ozone layer. In the atmosphere, methyl bromide depletes the ozone layer and allows increased ultraviolet radiation to reach the earth’s surface. Methyl bromide is a Class I ozone-depleting substance (ODS. … When it breaks down, it releases chlorine or bromine atoms which then deplete the ozone.
Methyl bromide phase-out requirements begin in 1987 (Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depleting Substances). The London Amendment in 1990 added to the list of ODS to be phased out. In 2003 the Global Environment Facility approved funds for a UNEP-UNDP joint project for methyl bromide total sector phase out in seven countries in Central Europe and Central Asia, which was due for completion in 2007.
2008 Sri Lanka’s 1st pest control company to be certified under ISO 9001;2001 Quality management system from SLSI. The company set-up the second branch office in Colombo City.
2007 The Founder/CEO became an accredited fumigator – AQIS Australia and moved into the fumigation business and opened the first branch office in Kandy.
2005 The Founder/CEO underwent residential pest management training at Warwick University – UK and received the Diploma in Pest Control organized by the Royal Society for the promotion of Health UK & the British Pest Control Association – 1st in South & East Asia. Became a member of the Singapore Pest Management Association.
Exterminators voluntary stopped using ‘organophosphate pesticide ‘Chlorpyrifos’ (CPS) insecticide/termiticide for all pests in 2005. This product was used in Sri Lanka for public health until 2013 and used for the agriculture sector todate.

Banning of Chlorpyrofos around the world.

USA (banned the product for indoor use) 2001
Exterminators Sri Lanka (completely stopped using the product) 2005
USA (completely banned the product) 2007
European Union & Sweden 2008
Singapore 2009
South Africa 2010
Sri Lanka (banned for public health pest control only) 2013
2004 Incorporated the company ‘The Exterminators (Pvt) Ltd and became a member of the National Pest Management Association – USA & participated in the first ever international pest management event in India.
1999 Moved to a small 100 sq.ft office in Battaramulla
1998 Inception