Life on earth depends on a very complex set of interactions between different life forms. Examination of the extent to which humans disrupt this arrangement is a relatively recent concern but one that is rapidly growing. The direct and indirect effects of pesticides on wildlife, waterways and the environment at large may be harmful and are entirely undesirable. We take extra care to minimize the risk to non-target insects & the environment.

As a leader in the industry, we believe that we have a moral obligation to respond to this new paradigm—to adopt a business model of increased accountability and to set-up environmental leadership in our industry and entire SME sector in Asia and the World.


Other green accolades

Green World Ambassador 2019

Nominated to represent Sri Lanka in the Green World Awards 2019

Finalist at International EDIE Sustainability leader’s awards 2019

Exterminators’ is part of the United Nations Billion Trees initiative.



Five years ago in 2014 ‘Exterminators’ was certified has Asia’s First ‘Carbon Neutral’ certified pest control company by CCC-UK. Since then All services provided by Exterminators is 100% carbon neutral. Exterminators has been Sri Lanka’s sole internationally certified green pest control provider for the last five consecutive years and ISO 14001;2004 Environmental Management System certified continuously since 2009.

Exterminators is committed to leading the way by greening its company’s operations. This commitment is clearly demonstrated and confirmed through Exterminators maintaining its CarbonNeutral® certification for the fifth consecutive year by managing and offsetting its GHG emissions despite business success and operational growth. This is a major step towards the establishment of a systematic sustainability action plan within the company.

It is also a long-term commitment to reduce the company’s environmental impact and to become a more responsible corporate citizen whilst ensuring it reaps the benefits of being a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly business entity.

293 tons Carbon Emissions Reduced


All ‘Carbon Emissions’ released to the environment was totally offset in collaboration with the UK based ‘Carbon Neutral Company (293 tons of carbon emission was offset since 2014).

2014 Exterminators was certified as Asia’s 1st ‘Carbon Neutral’ certified pest control company and 78 tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (tCO2e) Carbon Credits purchased from - Tiling Coal Mine Methane Capture Project, China.

2015 Exterminators reduced its Carbon Emission by 36% over the previous year and maintained its position as ‘Asia’s 1st ‘CarbonNeutral pest control company. 50 tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (tCO2e) Carbon Credits purchased from – Andipathi Wind Power Project, India.

2016 Exterminators maintained its position as ‘Asia’s 1st ‘CarbonNeutral’ pest control company. 61 tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (tCO2e) Carbon Credits purchased from – Ratnapura & Kandy Small Hydro Power Projects, Sri Lanka.

2017 Exterminators recorded the lowest ‘Carbon Emission’ since its first certification in 2014 and also reduced its Carbon Emission by 20% in 2017 over the previous year and maintained its position as Asia’s 1st ‘CarbonNeutral pest control company. 49 tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (tCO2e) Carbon Credits purchased from – West India Wind Power Project, India.

2018 Exterminators maintained its position as ‘Asia’s 1st ‘CarbonNeutral’ pest control company for the 5th consecutive year. 55 tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (tCO2e) Carbon Credits purchased from – West India Wind Power Project, India and Tiling Coal Mine Methane Capture Project, China.


Environment, sustainability and customer insight is at the heart of our innovation program, allowing us to invent, re-invent, design and develop effective, efficient, flexible, smart customer centric advanced pest solutions, tools and technologies that meet customer needs. Our close working relationship with customers has been the key to our success over the last two decades.

Our range of new technological solutions aim to improve overall service efficiency, protect public health and offer greater management information to our customers via ‘Exterminator Digital Pest Control System.

Some of the few ‘Green Inventions’ by Exterminators.

Green-Guard TBS The termiticide barrier protector and ground water contamination mitigator. (Patent #18157)

Smart Missile The world’s first carbon neutral termite station probably and Asia’s first termite station invented a decade ago in 2009.

PACCP 2000 – Preventive Pest Management The pathway to environmentally sustainable pest management ‘Preventive Pest Management System’ invented in 2018.

Smart Guard TRS The environmentally sustainable termiticide replenishment system invented and designed by Exterminators.


Empty chemical cans - Recycling it by an organization approved by the ‘Central Environmental Authority in Sri Lanka. E-waste of the company is recycled by one of Sri Lanka’s premier e-waste companies approved by the Central Environmental Authority in Sri Lanka.


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Every year Exterminators carry-out a special beach clean-up program, the inaugural program was carried out 21st Oct 2017 at the Panadura Beach and the second program was carried on 20th Oct 2018 at the Bentota Beach. The entire team at Exterminators from all branches in Sri Lanka participated in the program.


trees to all contract customers and new customers with effect from 12th July 2017 under the theme ‘Rainforest in the City’. On request, trees will be provided absolutely free to schools, disabled, elders and children’s homes. The company donated trees for underprivileged school in Colombo on 19th October 2017.



This program was launched on 5th June 2013 to create awareness about the importance of bees for survival of mankind and the planet.

On 5th June 2013, on the World Environment Day ‘Exterminators” permanently stopped bee control activities in Sri Lanka and took a further step by initiating and creating ‘Stop Killing Bees’ FB page to create awareness and educate the public on the role bees play in the pollination process and human survival. https://www.facebook.com/Stop-Killing-Bees-410002929101776/



The Exterminators (Pvt) Ltd took the initiative in May 2017 to permanently stop outdoor fogging against mosquitoes and all kinds of pests.

Thermal fogging is proven to be ineffective method to control mosquitoes and it also creates significant environmental imbalance by killing non-target insect species such as bees, moths, butterflies, dragon flies etc., and has serious negative impact on the pollination process.

Today we see a few butterflies, dragon flies and bees in the city, ten years ago we saw many, ten years from now, there will be nothing if we don’t act now.